Information about how to get prescription

Beginning October 1, 2021, Australian customers must possess a valid prescription in order to import Nicotine supplies going to Australia following the TGA mandate of TGO110.

To know more about TGO110, please visit this link:

We have listed recommended Doctors and clinic that are registered with TGA and can help you with your prescription:


Dr. Samuel Murray


Dr. Dylan Siu


Dr. Philip Clarke


Dr. Colin Mendelsohn


We will update this list continually. To view full list of Authorized

Prescribers, please visit this link:

How long does a Nicotine last?

100ML Nicotine with 100MG concentration can last depending on your level of vaping. We recommend 2 bottles to ensure steady use.

An Average Vaper is using 12MG, and usually vapes 100ml worth every 1-2 weeks. 100ML 100mg Nicotine Base can make up 8 bottles of 100ml 12mg mixed e-liquids. A box of 2’s of HILIQ Nicotine base 100mg can help mix 16 bottles of 12mg e-liquids.In 3 months, there are 15 weeks so, so a regular Vaper shall have at least 2 bottles of HILIQ nicotine base in order to be properly stocked.

What is the expiration date of Nicotine?

Opened nicotine last for 12 months while unopened nicotine last for 18-24 months or longer depending on storage.

Where do I store Nicotine?

We recommend storing your nicotine in cold temperature (-5°C) away from light sources. You can store your nicotine in the fridge, securely.

Do you need Prescription for 0mg Nicotine?

No. You do not need prescription for NON-Nicotine products. You can order it directly through

How do I upload my prescription:

Easily upload your prescription on our website before check out.


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