Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. Why there are only limited products listed on HILIQ NZ?We are limiting our catalog for now as we are just starting our distribution facility in NZ. We’ll work harder to expanding our inventory to offer to our clients.


1. Is HILIQ nicotine made of natural tobacco? Yes. HILIQ nicotine is sourced and derived from 100% natural tobacco. Purified scientifically to be able to use in many smoking cessation ways such as in Vaping.

2. What’s the difference between Nicotine Base and Nicotine Salt? Nicotine Freebase has higher pH which means increased in Alkaline. The increase in Alkaline can cause harsher throat hit which explains why the Nicotine Freebase can go on a smooth to a little harsh throat hit level and shall only come in small amount or dosages.

When the pH and Alkaline is lower, we can expect a much smoother throat hit. The responsible for lowering the pH levels of nicotine and reducing its Alkaline is an Acid. An acid needed to make Nicotine salt. It is a chemical substance that neutralises alkaline in Nicotine. HiLIQ uses different acids in its Nicotine Salt products to offer to different customer groups and end-user profiles.

3. When Nicotine Expires? Usually Nicotine unopened can last to 18-24months while the opened ones can last for about a year as long as kept well.

4. How do I store my Nicotine? We recommend to store nicotine in low temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. Putting your nicotine in the fridge is recommended however, please ensure to put it in a secured box with proper labels to avoid accidental use.

5. What is the first aid for Nicotine? Eyes: Flush eyes with running water as precaution. Skin: Wash off with soap and plenty of water. Nose: If breathed in, move to open area for fresh air. Use artificial respiration if there’s difficulty in breathing. Mouth: If swallowed, rinse mouth with water. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. General Advise: Immediately consult a Doctor or physician. Poison Center Australia: 131 126


1. Is Australia Banning Nicotine? No. They are not but they are placing regulation for its import.

2. HILIQ NZ can deliver to Australia Nicotine? Yes, we can. You need to upload a copy of your prescription to our website.

3. Will you print the prescription and send it along with the package? We can do that but that is not required by DHL. Once you upload your prescription on our website, we will upload it to DHL system along with the invoice and Airway Bill so it can pre-clear the Australian border.

4. Is getting a prescription hard? No. You just need to consult your trusted local MP (Medical Practitioner) or Doctor and he shall give you the script for a fee.


1. What blend do you use in your E-Liquids? We have tailored our blends according to your needs. On our Premixed E-Liquid Pack, the default best mix is 50%VG50%PG.

2. Is there a Selection for Flavor and Nicotine Strength? Currently in HILIQ NZ, we only offer 6MG in Nicotine Strength.

3. How long does an E-liquid Lasts? E-Liquid may last depending on personal consumption. However, on an average, a 30-ml e-liquid can be used 7-10 days.

4. What is the Expiration of E-liquids? In order to maximize the quality and taste consistency of the e-liquids, we advise all consumers to use it within 18 months from the date of production.

5. I noticed a slight change of Color, is it still safe to use? Yes, you can still use your ELiquids even after a slight color change. E-Liquids change color due to oxidation, extreme temperature changes or direct sunlight. This is a harmless process that does not affect the safety, vapeability or quality of our products.


1. Can I do Phone ordering? In order to protect your card details, Phone ordering strictly do not accept Credit card Payment as we would like to protect further your Card Information, thus, we cannot do this service at the moment.

2. Do you have coupon codes? Due to the high costings involved currently, coupon codes are unavailable.

3. Can I look my total bill first before I pay? Absolutely! You can review first all the items in your cart even the system calculated shipping fee is ready for prior checking. If all is well, you may proceed to payment.