Guide in Using DIY E-liquid Recipe Mixing Calculator

If you are new to D-I-Y-ing, this is a good place to start. Our professional DIY e-liquid calculator offers easy navigation for mixing e-liquid recipes for your E-cigarette. It allows you to get the perfect PG/VG mix, nicotine density and flavors ratio. 

1.Base Nicotine Density
This defines your current nicotine density. E.g, 100mg/ml nicotine PG > enter 100. 
99.9% purity > enter 999. 

2.Target Nicotine Density. 
This defines the nicotine strength you want to achieve. E.g, 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 36 mgs.

3.Amount To Make
This defines the total quantity you want to create. Simply enter the amount of E-liquids that you would like to make. 

4.Water / Alcohol / PGA
This defines for other ingredients you would like to add other than the PG/VG, Nicotine and Flavors. Put 0 once not needed.

5. Concentrated Flavor 1
This defines your flavor rate. Simply enter your flavor usage following 8% as low and 15% of Xhigh. If you need mixed flavors, fill in Concentrated flavors 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6, respectively.

Keep others which are unnecessary blank.

Here’s a short example:
100mg/ml nicotine PG, 100ml PG, 100ml VG, HiLIQ apple flavor concentrate
Target DIY e-liquid: 100ml 12mg/ml e-liquid, 50%PG+50%VG

Enter the given information:
Base Nicotine Density: 100mg
Target Nicotine: 12mg
Amount To Make: 100ml
Concentrated Flavor 1: 10%
Keep others blank

Press CALCULATE and get the below result

Nicotine E-liquid: 12ml
PG/VG: 78ml
Concentrated Flavor 1: 10ml
Easy as counting 1, 2, 3! Enjoy and Keep safe!